Coronavirus can weigh in on your finance. Worry not, Aman has it covered.

Cost saving on insurance can be that simple with Aman.

Proactive quote feature on Aman helps to boost your sales to new customers.

What is Aman?

Aman /aman/ is a technology platform which enables companies and employees to seamlessly manage various health benefit and lifestyle programs.


Employers can save cost on health benefit program through better access to competitive offers from insurers.


Employees can manage their claims and purchase add-on easily using mobile application.


Insurers can increase sales using direct quote to promote its offerings to prospective customers up for renewals, manage the claim process paperlessly and prevent frauds using data analytics.

These are our forte.

Employers can manage their employee’s insurance usage as well as other details.

Easy-to-use insurance summary and details for employees alike.

Ultimately, insurers can easily monitor their clients’ insurance details and quotations.

Let us keep you updated.

Aman simplifies the administration of employee benefits for employers and insurance companies. Please fill in your details and we will keep you updated once you have submitted your contact information below.